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SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the process that helps to improve the quantity of traffic to the particular website. This involves the implementation of various tactics and strategies that would help improve the rankings in the Search engine rankings page, which in turn would help to increase the number of visitors on the website. These search engines include popular ones such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Search Engine Optimization also focuses on improving the quality of the results achieved as it always helps to show the most relevant results in respect to the user’s searching queries.

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Search Engine Optimization plays a significant role for every online business whether it is a blog or a website. It helps to improve navigation and make it more user-friendly. Most of the users usually visit those websites which come up on the first page of the Search Engine. SEO helps to bring up a particular site within those few results among hundreds of others. So, one can understand how important SEO is to help improve ranking. There is massive competition between every website to improve their rankings.

SEO is not just about rankings, but good SEO practices can be of overall advantage to the website as it helps to improve the user experience. SEO is also very crucial if you think of social media promotion. This is mostly because users usually visit those websites which match their keywords easily. As a result, there is a high chance that users will share these websites on social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Google + and other similar social channels. SEO is not just a set of rules but a complete framework. Following this framework helps to process all the website operations in a particular disciplined manner.

SEO is one among all other things that help to stay ahead of the competition. If two websites are providing similar kinds of services, then SEO is the only thing that can give a good amount of advantage to help improve the overall rankings of a website.

The SEO process


Now, before trying to implement SEO and enjoy the benefits, it is essential to realize the process of Search Engine Optimization. There are a few steps that form a part of the Search Engine Optimization campaign. We shall have a close look at all the different parts of a campaign along with their working process and associated activities.

One thing that is to be kept in mind is that SEO is neither a one day process nor it can help provide results in a short amount of time. So, there is a need for continuous monitoring of the website along with providing regular, meaningful SEO friendly content. The Process of SEO includes the following:

  • Keyword - The research of a particular keyword phrase comprises finding one such phrase that would help in the process of optimization. It takes quite a good amount of time to find a relevant keyword that has low competition in the search engine and is most pertinent to the user’s search queries. It is easy to find the most relevant keywords by the use of online tools. There are many such tools available online that helps to locate keywords and also describe their usages in the past and present. The best way to look for the perfect keyword is by viewing their overall search results. The number of search results helps to find which one is the most searched keyword.

  • Analysis and Goal Setting - SEO is not just a single thing that when done provides instant results and keeps on providing similar results for a lifetime. This is a continuous process, and it is essential to monitor, analyze and take further actions based on that. One needs to keep an eye on the traffic being generated. The traffic results being generated help show the interaction with the website. One can understand which pages are being visited the most, which are the most searched keywords, the most searched pages, bounce rate, and other online website interaction results. After a complete analysis, it helps to take care of further decisions.

  • Role of Content - This is not unknown to us that content is the king of Search Engine Optimization. SEO involves the use of high quality, keyword friendly, unique content that is relevant to the particular business or website. The use of high-quality content would ensure that people keep visiting your website again and again. They would always come back if they are satisfied with the information being provided. The other advantage is directly relevant to SEO. This is mainly because search engines will capture a significant amount of information from your content. Accumulation of different kinds of relevant information that includes the keywords would help improve the search engine rankings. Often, a particular site falls back due to the lack of indexed content. This is when the content marketing process should be taken into consideration.

  • Optimization of Page - There are a few important things to be considered here:

    • The title of the page should be of good length and include some target phrases. It is always an excellent choice to add words, which are entirely related to the subject.
    • The use of images may not be of benefit in case of SEO. This is because Google is unable to read images and can only go through text messages. The use of proper text confirms that the site is being indexed properly by the search engine.
    • It is always important to focus on the targeted keywords to improve its visibility. A keyword, when used in the first paragraph of the content, would help to improve the overall ranking instead of placing it somewhere in the middle of the paragraph. Apart from this, the use of large fonts or bold option to highlight the keyword is a favorable thing to do.
  • Site Map - It is crucial to develop a sitemap. This is mainly because it helps to ensure that all the indexing is done properly. The best online tool for this is the Google Webmasters tool.

  • Alt and Media Data - Alt tag is a part of the embedded code and is not visible to the user. However, they play an essential role in SEO. ALT tag usually refers to the tag that describes an image. Meta tags are situated at the top of the code, and they help to communicate the relevance or matter of the website to the search engines. Apart from that, the short description that you would find on the home page of a search engine is pulled out from the meta-description. This is why one should always use the meta description to their advantage.

  • Link Building / Off Page - Link building plays a significant role to help channelize business. The use of hyperlinks in contents is what is called as “internal link building.” The process of internal link building is like using links to other pages of the same website. This particular strategy helps a visitor to keep on viewing pages of that particular website to gather more knowledge on a specific subject. The use of internal links allows Google to rank your website and provide beneficial rewards. Google’s webmaster tool helps to provide useful information about the links being used on the site.

    Other than this the use of website links to social media platforms is the best way to let people know about your presence on the web. Here, not only the links help generate leads but would also let people know more about the services and products along with some valuable information. At the same time, clients can help improve the overall impression of the website by providing useful comments.

Types of SEO

There are two types of SEO, one is the Black Hat SEO, and the other is the White Hat SEO. Now, most of the companies prefer following the white hat SEO for long-term and successful results. However, each of these has their properties and functions. Let’s have a look at this in details.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO as the name suggests is the most legitimate form of techniques that help generate results to improve the Search engine rankings. These involve following all the guidelines as mentioned by Google to help improve the overall ranking of the website. This is the best and the most legal way of winning the game that involves following the Google algorithm as it is instead of trying to work on the loopholes.

The best way to maintain White hat SEO is by putting up quality content which will not only be beneficial in the long run but shall help in the overall building of the website. The White Hat SEO approach might not be very beneficial from the time perspective. However, this even if takes a longer time to show the results would always give long-lasting results.

Black Hat SEO

The other form is the Black Hat SEO, which as the name suggests does not follow the legitimate approach. Instead, it tries to exploit the loopholes of the Google algorithms to its advantage. This helps to improve the results in the search engine ranking pages. This practice is entirely illegal and is often avoided by many. Moreover, the results achieved would be only for a short time. The longtime results can turn out to be worse as well. Some of the standard black hat techniques include keyword stuffing, hidden links, spamming and other similar ones.

The use of such methods would completely misguide a visitor. So, not only it would irritate the visitor but would be in trouble during the long run. It can be said that the results of using Black Hat SEO are just for a while.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO is something which lies between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Now as the name goes, it is something that doesn’t relate well with Google guidelines or rather has not been clearly defined by Google. Now, if one can try to understand Grey Hat SEO in a better way, he will benefit a lot from it. Why so? This is because there won’t be any negative consequences for the steps that you take to rank your website. However, if you do not want to take any risk, then it is always a good option to go for only White Hat SEO and nothing else.

On Page SEO

On Page, SEO includes all the online activities that are important to help optimize a given page so that it appears on the top of a search engine rankings page. Some of the essential things to be considered as a part of the On page SEO includes the use of internal links, meta tags, URL, Alt Tag, Meta description and other image attributes. Here are some of the On Page SEO techniques:

  • Analyze keywords according to the website

    Keywords play a significant role in ranking of a website. This is how Google spiders crawl and understand the content. The best way to analyze keywords is by using online tools that would help you to understand which keywords would be relevant to your content.

  • Competitor analysis

    A particular website has a lot of competition going on. Now, there are online tools that can help study the position of the website in respect to other websites. This helps to analyze in respect to the other kind of competition which is already prevalent in the market.

  • Ensure all image titles, and alt is set to proper keywords

    The use of ALt Image and Alt Text is primarily responsible for SEO optimization. This help google algorithms to identify them. Whatever kind of a website may it be this is a mandatory thing to be done. Also, there is a need to mention the primary keyword in that alt image and alt text details.

  • Plan and establish a proper internal linking structure

    Internal linking is essential if you want to build a proper structure of your website. Now the best thing about linking is that a person visiting your website would get the opportunity to explore more of your website. As a result, the number of visitors and page visits will keep increasing.

  • Check for title and meta descriptions

    Title and meta description is significant. A keyword is must in both these places. Apart from that, the length of these needs to be exactly appropriate for a proper SEO result.

  • Optimize the site for page load speed

    The page needs to be well maintained regarding loading speed. Any visitor will not visit your site for the second time if the load speed is too slow.

  • Identify pages that need additional content or ones which do not have an additional keyword density

    Using tools or just by scrutinizing a website it might be possible to identify those pages which are not performing well or the keyword density is low in those pages.

  • Install good analytics and webmaster tools.

    Analytics or webmaster tools provides a complete analysis of your website while at the same time providing you with different kinds of benefits. These all help one to analyze the website and then take further decisions accordingly.

Off Page SEO

Off-Page SEO denotes the various activities which are to be followed after the website goes live. The activities involved in Off-page SEO includes :

  • Local business listing

    A Local business listing helps to identify a company in a much better way. A listing involves adding complete details of the company including address, location, contact, website, and other similar ones.

  • Link building using relevant niche

    The concept of link building can be both internal and external. While internal building focuses only on the particular website, external link building focuses on guest posts and building relations with other websites.

  • Ad posting

    Ad posting is another way by which people will get to know about your website and the products or services that you offer. This not only would make your website popular but also helps to monetize.

  • Create profile pages

    Creating profile pages is another good way to improve interaction with the audience. Here, you get an opportunity to talk to the ones who are already working while at the same time look for better leads.

  • Social bookmarking

    Social bookmarking plays a good role in SEO as the pages act as backlinks for search engines. This helps to improve the google rank and blog traffic.

  • Review posting

    Review posting helps to know more about your brand along with the products and services. One should know more about the conditions of the website and what all they offer. This review posting helps to improve the overall performance and fame of the website.

  • Guest blogging

    Guest blogging is where you get to post content in some other blog while at the same time leaving some backlinks to your website. When visitors go through that content, it might be possible that they might pay a visit to your website through the hyperlinks.

  • Web 2.0 submission

    This is another procedure where you submit your website contents to different social networking sites.

Why Your Website Needs SEO Optimization?

  • Build Your Brand

    SEO is just like branding. The only difference between the two is- SEO is the new technique to build your brand while branding is the traditional marketing strategy. Building a business through SEO, you need to create relevant content and keyword.

  • SEO optimized website earns more traffic

    As we know, the main aim to use SEO is to improve the visibility of the website. So, when the visibility increases, a blog or website earns more traffic. And, the end purpose is to convert that traffic into customers.

  • No need to pay for ad space

    One of the most significant benefits of search engine optimization is that a user does not have to pay for ad space. Yes, unlike old ad promotion you have to pay the enormous amount. But, here you can get it for free.

  • Make your target audience way easy

    It helps any product or business get in the top for their target audience who are continuously searching for information. It becomes necessary for business as now 62% of users before buying a product or services turn to the search engine to get every single detail about it.

  • One step ahead

    It helps any product or business get in the top for their target audience who are continuously searching for information. It becomes necessary for business as now 62% of users before buying a product or services turn to the search engine to get every single detail about it.

Results and time frame for SEO

As we have already discussed SEO is a process, and it is not possible to expect results instantly. It takes some time to index a site and then improve the rankings of the website. It might take up to six months to view the actual results of the SEO campaign. To see the results in a natural way the client has to bear with the time frame. However, if one wants to have some immediate results, then the person should go for paid advertising campaigns as these are more beneficial. The use of Google Adwords can be helpful to improve the overall outcomes. It is in no way possible to predict the good ranking of a website. Different methods have proved to be effective over time.